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These are lockable showcases with an acrylic hinged door and cam lock. They are usually made from 3mm clear acylic with 5mm thick top and bottom. The internal shelves are made from 5mm clear acrylic and are usually removable. Some manufacturers even have adjustable levels, but this is more rare. The base should have rubber feet.

These are a great alternative to glass cabinets and can be used to display many types of smaller items such as gifts, jewellery, watches, perfumes, cameras and other electrical products.

Acrylic Showcase
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Make your window displays and shop interior stand out with acrylic cubes and display cases.
A good window display is one of the best ways to appeal to your customers. Attracting shoppers is vital for any store. Acrylic cubes are a great way to display products as part of a window display, in-store or as point of sale displays. Clear acrylic cubes don't obstruct the view into the shop interior and displays products very well. Acrylic cubes can also be used in-store as display stands or showcases. Acrylic cubes are popular with shops, museums and art galleries.

Make an impact with your products by using eye catching display stands.
Presenting products to its best requires stylish display stands. Whether you need display stands for jewellery, gifts or gadgets there are various display cases or acrylic cubes to suit your needs.

About Acrylic Display Cases
Display cases and showcases are becoming increasingly popular. They can protect precious or delicate items from dust and add extra security. Another advantage to an acrylic display case is the fact that it will also protect its contents from damaging UV light, blocking over 90% of it. The are quite a few different styles of display case and showcase. Here is a brief outline of the different styles available.

Contemporary Acrylic Display Cases
This contemporary design has an acrylic base that the five sided clear acrylic cover sits on top. The five sided cover can just lift off, and is held in place by a step on the base. Underneath the acrylic base are usually four plastic feet which will stop the display case from scatching the surface that it is sitting on and prevents it from being easily moving sideways. This style of display case often has a choice of colour for the acrylic base. Bespoke custom made sized for display cases can be made by some suppliers.

Aluminium Display Case
The Aluminium display case is ideal for larger display cases. These aluminium display cases can be supplied ready assembled or flat-packed for easy assembly. It usually has an aluminium frame with clear acrylic panels in between. The most common colour for these aluminium display cases is silver, but some suppliers may have a choice of colours available.

Aluminium Lockable Display Case
The Aluminium lockable display case is also ideal for larger display cases. There is usally a lockable door is made from an aluminium frame with clear acrylic in between. This is a complete closed six sided display case, with access through the hinged lockable door. This is ideal for high value items that require more security, or if regular access is required. These display cases can come with or without shelves.

Wall Mounted Display Cases
There are usually two types of wall mounted display cases. The first is made entirely of acrylic, with the exception of the wall fittings and the other made from aluminium frame. These wall mounted display cases will contain shelves, sometimes adjustable ones. A clear acrylic door cover is often fitted. They are designed specifically to hold multiple items, collectibles or ornaments.


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